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How to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Great


While many homeowners love taking care of their homes, it is easy to forget about the siding. You may have an attractive landscape with colorful flowers and blooming trees but, if the vinyl siding isn’t appealing, your home won’t look its best. At Titan, we only install James Hardie products but we know that many homeowners with vinyl siding are looking for the best ways to keep their siding looking like new.
Homeowners with vinyl siding can easily maintain their siding and keep it looking like it has just been installed. Vinyl siding is pretty easy to clean as compared to any other siding. Many homeowners go for the vinyl siding because it is durable, easy to maintain and also attractive.
Dirt, pollen and other sorts of grime start building up immediately after installation. You need to start taking care of your siding early before there is too much buildup of grime. Here is a list of some amazing tips that will help you keep your vinyl siding looking as good as new.
1. Hand wash with a vinegar and water solution
Vinyl siding is easy to clean, all you need is warm water, vinegar, and a soft cloth or a soft-bristle brush. Vinyl siding can become a haven for mold and mildew in damp and shady areas. These areas need to be regularly washed to curb the buildup. The more dirt buildup on your exterior walls, the more difficult it is to clean. Vinyl siding should be washed at least once per year. When washing start at the bottom of the wall as you go up and make sure to wash off all cleaning agents to avoid leaving stains behind. Pressure washers are not recommended for cleaning vinyl siding. If you must use a pressure washer, make sure the siding is compatible with the pressure washer you're using.
2. Watch out for things that could damage siding
Accidentally hiding vinyl siding with either a lawn mower, soccer ball or even a bike can cause cracks and breaks. The branches of trees that are too close to the wall can scratch your siding. To prevent heat and fire damage, keep grills and other heat sources at a distance from your siding. Be extra careful when spraying herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other yard chemicals around the walls as they can discolor or stain your siding.
3. Read labels and choose your cleaning products carefully
Cleaning solutions aren't created equal. Each solution is meant for a given task. Detergents that do well in cleaning utensils can cause a lot of stains when used in cleaning your siding. Before using any cleaning solution, make sure to read the ingredients. Any product with undiluted chlorine bleach, organic solvents, nail polish remover, liquid grease remover, furniture polish, and other cleansers should not be used. Combining water and vinegar at ratio 7:3 gives you the best solution for cleaning your siding. After washing, always rinse the siding with fresh water to remove any residue and leave it with a factory fresh feel.
4. Inspect for cracks and breaks
Despite how carefully you care for your vinyl siding, high winds and storms cannot be avoided. Some pieces of your siding may come loose and eventually form cracks and tears. Regular inspection for damages is recommended. If there are cracks, breaks and loose areas they should be fixed by replacing the damaged portions immediately.

After trying these tips, if your vinyl siding doesn't look as fresh as you would like, contact us at Titan Siding to explore options for siding replacement with James Hardie products!

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