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Titan Cement Coatings, a division of Titan, Siding, Windows and Exterior’s offers a revolutionary floor coating  system specifically designed to bring your concrete floors to life!  Is your Austin garage an eye sore or spotted with oil?  Is it dreary, cracking or boring?  Are your cement patios, driveways and sidewalks in need of some pizzazz?  Let Titan bring your outdoor entertainment areas back to life with concrete coatings also known as epoxy flooring.  Titan owns the exclusive rights to install these revolutionary coatings for the Austin Metropolitan  area.  The concrete coatings are backed by an industry leading 15 year warranty!    Many cement and epoxy coatings contractors use a two part epoxy floor system which requires acid etching to make the surface porus.  This means they etch the first day then come back on the second day to hose off the acid.  On the third day they prep your flooring and install the first coat of epoxy.  The fourth day a second coat and then on the fifth day they install the top coat.  After it cures for one or two days you can begin moving your property back in and using the garage again.  The problem is that valuables will be exposed to the elements or placed in a storage pod for several days while the floor is being prepped and painted.  In most cases we can do the job in one day and deliver a superior, longer lasting product. 

Just take a look at the pictures (Right).


finished floor
chipped floor

Like this floor (left picture), we’ve all seen how epoxy’s can chip and flake and this is because epoxy is designed to get harder over time. Your floor may look great for the first couple of years but with wear and tear it will chip and delaminate because as the product gets harder it also gets more brittle. The revolutionary products and system we use never fully solidify so your floor will resist chipping and delamination!

Product differences: Polyurea vs Epoxy Flooring

We use a Polyurea based coating that penetrates into the concrete seeking moisture which means it grows roots into the cement and adheres perfectly to concrete and makes it 4X stronger than epoxy.  It never fully hardens which means it pliable and resists delamination, scuffing and peeling!   Unlike epoxy which gets harder over time our product remains flexible which helps resist concrete movement, which is highly advised in Austin.   The polyaspartic topcoat provides incredible durability and is warranted against UV discoloration and staining for a lifetime as well as against chipping, peeling, and delaminating for 15 years.  Even better, because of the shorter drying time the product can be installed in one day on most applications so you won't have to move your garage belongings inside or worse left outside on your front lawn susceptible for theft. 

With a wide variety of colored flakes to choose from you can have a custom garage floor, porch, driveway or sidewalk in a little as one day.  Mix in your favorite school or pro team colors to convert your outdoor living area into your own customized space.  Mike Connors, the owner of the company was so impressed with this system his garage floor was the first one installed by our company.   

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finished floors


Life Time Limited Warranty

Life Time Limited Warranty

Amazing Resilience Of Our Cement Coatings


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