What Does the James Hardie Good Housekeeping Seal Mean?

James Hardie is the world leader in fiber cement siding and has become the most popular brand in America. Their products have helped beautify more than 5.5 million homes (and this number is steadily increasing).  This type of siding is well known for the benefits that it offers, such as durability, strength, versatility, and beauty.  When you choose James Hardie, rest assured that you’re choosing the highest quality products for your home.  This superb quality level was verified in 2013 by the Good Housekeeping Institute when they chose to award the Good Housekeeping Seal to James Hardie for their fiber cement siding.

What is the Good Housekeeping Seal?

Good Housekeeping has been a household name that is synonymous with quality for more than 130 years.  The company began as a magazine, with its first issue printed in 1885 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and it has become a trusted source for recipes, home trends, advice, and product recommendations.  The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) was started in 1900 and was originally named the Good Housekeeping Experiment Station.  This name was changed to the current name in 1910.  The GHI employs chemists, biologists, nutritionists, engineers, home economists, and culinary experts who get to test thousands of products each year, everything from makeup and recipes to the strength and durability of home siding and windows.  That sounds like a pretty fun job!  The Good Housekeeping Institute has been around longer than the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which started in 1906!  In December 1909, they created their first”Tested and Approved List” for products that met the GHI’s standards of excellence.  The first list contained 21 products bearing the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  In 1941, the name was changed to the Good Housekeeping Seal.  In 2009, the Green Good Housekeeping Seal was introduced to help consumers make more environmentally sound choices amid the confusion of so many “green” claims on products.  A product has to earn the GH Seal before it can be awarded the Green GH Seal.  In 2021, the Good Housekeeping “Nutritionist Approved” Emblem was created.  The Nutrition Lab heads up this program, led by a registered dietician.  These are many sought-after labels so, when you find a product bearing these seals, you know that it is a top-quality product that has gone through rigorous testing.

The Good Housekeeping Warranty

Does the Good Housekeeping Institute offer a warranty?  Absolutely!  Anything that bears the Good Housekeeping Seal comes with a two-year limited warranty backed by GH, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.  They will refund the purchase or replacement price of the product, up to $2000.  According to the GH mission statement, they are “dedicated to improving the lives of consumers and their families through product evaluation, education, and advocacy.”  A large part of their goal is to ensure that consumers have access to excellent products that will stand the test of time.  As Good Housekeeping says, “We test it, so you can trust it.”  What better way is there to designate a product as one of the best available than to put your company’s seal on it and back it with your own warranty?

What Does This Mean for James Hardie Products?

According to Good Housekeeping, “James Hardie Fiber Cement HardiePlank Lap Siding products wowed our engineering pros, thanks to their standout design and tough finish – everything we’ve come to expect from the brand.”  That’s excellent praise and the James Hardie siding products live up to it every day, but how did they arrive at that conclusion?  Let’s discuss Good Housekeeping’s conclusions here:

1. Durability – JH fiber cement siding is highly resistant to moisture, insects, freezing temperatures, high winds, and fire.  It is backed by a 30-year limited product warranty.

2. Design – JH siding is available in smooth surfaces or faux cedar wood grain, with pre-finished color or primed-for-paint options.  They offer plank lap siding, architectural panels, shingle siding, and vertical panel siding.  With such a wide selection of siding styles, you will be able to tailor the exterior of your home to your exact preferences.

3. Versatility – JH offers siding products that can handle extremely cold Northeastern winters, super-hot Southern summers, and wet hurricane seasons, so it’s a great option for homes just about anywhere.  The HardieZone System designates which siding options are best for you based on the climate in your geographic location.  Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more information on the HZ System.

James Hardie offers a variety of beautiful siding options to meet your needs regardless of your location, climate, and design preferences.  Regardless of which type of siding you choose, you’ll want to ensure that your installation is top-notch and you can’t go wrong with Titan Siding.  We hire installation technicians who are well-trained with years of solid experience and are highly qualified for the job so we can guarantee that the installation job is done right the first time.  You can trust us to not only offer the best products available but also to give you excellent quality installations and stellar customer service.  We want to help you update the exterior of your home so you will fall in love with it again!  If you have a siding problem and are looking for solutions, Titan has you covered!  Don’t risk the integrity of your home’s walls by delaying your siding project.  Give us a call today to schedule an estimate.


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