Titan’s work, integrity, value, skill and service is unsurpassed. After careful research and a lot of thought, I made the decision to have new windows, siding and a roof put on my 36 year-old home. It quickly became clear to me that putting this work off any longer was going to cost me more to delay this work. It would cost more in repairs, utilities and general increases in the cost of materials & labor. Furthermore, any delay would cost more than the interest on borrowing the money to have the work done now. It pays not to put this type of work off. After more research and talking to a lot of people that had this type of work done by various local companies, it quickly became clear to me that Titan Siding, Windows and Exteriors has the strongest business model. Their bids are typically in the middle of all bids. However, their bids are considerably lower than bids from the only half dozen other companies with acceptable work and integrity records.And yet these companies still charge more than Titan for a lot less.Titan’s work, integrity, value, skill and service is unsurpassed. The counseling sessions about the job contracts were directed toward achieving the greatest potential of my home.The bid was accurate even though it included a complex rebuilding of the chimney kick-out.The four teams of guild-quality craftspeople that 1) installed the windows, 2) rebuilt & re-sided, 3) re-roofed, and 4) caulked & painted – all these groups of highly skilled and trustworthy people worked seamlessly together under the skilled management of Titan owner, Mike Connors. My experience and research indicates you could pay less to another company and deal with serious quality and trust issues. Or, you might pay more, and still get less value and quality for your money. Titan Siding, Windows and Exteriors stands by their work, long after the job is finished.This company has an honest business model based on quality, value and service.This dynamic company will be here to honor its generous guarantees.”