Roof shingle roofs have evolved in different ways over the years with an endless variety of colors and styles.


we  install roofs and save you money

Titan uses only the largest and most trusted roofing materials and we are a certified gaf contrator who installs composite shingles.

Elite Preferred Contractor

architectural grade shingles.

  • These shingles come with a lifetime warranty and offer an enhanced look, longer wear, and greater protection against wind damage as compared to a basic twenty year three tab roof shingle. Call Titan, your Austin Roofing company, and ask about our roof installation services
  • Typically, shingle roofs carry product warranties ranging from 20-50 years however Titan offers a roof system that when installed, can be relied upon in the most severe conditions. This system involves installing six nails per shingle, additional leak barriers in the valleys and around roof penetrations where leaks are more likely to occur, the use of drip edge around the perimeter of your roof to protect your fascia from rotting as well as ridge vent to help move the warm are out of your attic which keeps your house cooler during our hot summers.
  • When installed properly your roof will be waranteed for fifty years which includes full replacement of your roof including labor and materials should your roof fail during that time period. Many companies bypass these additional steps to drive costs down however we believe these upgrades are essential if your planning on living in the home for several years. Our customers sleep comfortably during the worst storms knowing the roofing material and the labor is fully warranted.


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