The Importance of Weather Proofing

Does it feel extremely drafty even though the doors and windows are shut tightly? If so, then perhaps it is the right time to consider weatherproofing your doors and windows. More often than not, we do not give a lot of thought to this practice during the summer and spring months, unless it is getting too hot. This is because it is usually not difficult to keep your home or office cool thanks to many options like the use of floor and ceiling fans.

However, the winter season often makes people think outside the box. Remember, even one of the tiniest openings around doors or windows can be the source of chilly air getting inside. That is when people will start figuring out viable ways to weatherproof windows and doors to decrease drafts.

Weatherproofing has other benefits apart from decreasing drafts, if not eliminating them altogether. Titian Siding & Windows offers window installation in Austin if you feel your windows need a makeover.

This article lists some of the benefits of weatherproofing your windows and doors:

1) Prevents rains and drafts

The very first thing most people think of when weatherproofing is preventing water and drafts entering for their home or office. We all know that winter is the time when most areas get significant amounts of rain, ice and snow. Did you know even the tiniest opening you see around doors and windows can allow some moisture to get into your house? Yes, that is the truth of the matter, and that is where the importance of weatherproofing comes in. Moisture is not the only concern to address with weatherproofing. You do not want even the smallest openings in door or window joints to let drafts enter or exit your home.

2). Energy efficiency

Are you digging deeper into your pocket to pay your electricity bills? Hold on your answer a little bit, as we take you through a scenario on how you unknowingly or knowingly contribute to huge utility bills! Well, you keep your property warm or cool by installing heaters, air conditioners and fans, but you may be failing to notice the significant amounts of heat or cool air that you lose through drafty windows and doors. Stats from some of the most reliable sources indicate that most homeowners in the U.S. waste up to twenty-five percent of the cooled or heated air because of drafty doors or windows. It may not sound that much, but over time, it adds up causing immensely higher utility bills. If you want to reduce these costs to reasonable levels, you just need to weatherproof the said fittings, thereby creating an energy efficient home or office building.

3). It reduces wear and tear on air conditioning and heating units

Obviously, if your doors and windows are not weatherproofed, it will mean that more and more energy will be lost. To replace or maintain the lost energy, air conditioning or heating units must work extra hard. In so doing, the likelihood of wear and tear increases. Since this is bound to happen, homeowners will incur extra expenses in repairing them. Weatherproofing your windows and doors will greatly contribute to optimal performance of your heating and cooling systems, which will cause these systems to last longer!

While there are several do-it-yourself options for weatherproofing doors and windows, you can always acquire already weatherproofed fittings. WeatherLok Windows and Simonton Windows & Doors are some of the places you can order pre-weatherproofed doors and windows. Their fittings are beautiful, reliable, and clearly superior. Their products feature quality construction and appealing designs, as well as high energy efficient ratings, which will be a benefit to your budget.


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