What Are the Pros and Cons of Wood Siding?

Everyone wants their property to look attractive and have curb appeal. If you live in Texas, then there are many siding options to consider. What type of siding to choose is perhaps one of the biggest questions facing property contractors and homeowners alike. Over the years, contractors have argued over the best type of siding to consider for the aesthetics of their client’s homes. Some claim that vinyl is the best choice, while others are of the opinion that fiber cement is best. Still others consider wood siding to be the best choice when putting siding on a home. This article delves into the pros and cons of the latter option.

Wood siding is an extremely popular and common siding option in Texas. In fact, many people around this region do not even consider any other siding type! As the name suggests, this is a product from wood – a time-tested material known for its distinct appearance, timeless, and natural beauty. Before making the final decision to install this siding option, however, it is highly advisable that you consider its pros and cons to know if it is the right choice for your property. Let’s begin with the pros:

Wood siding pros

1. It is eco-friendly

We are in an era where people are concerned about the environment, and so anything that degrades the surrounding natural beauty is highly discouraged. As far as siding is concerned, wood is, without doubt, one of the most eco-friendly and eco-conscious siding options available. This is because the material is biodegradable, renewable, and energy-efficient.

2. Highly versatile

Just like any product made from wood, this type of siding can be stained or painted to the color that is most appealing to the homeowner. That is not enough though; wood siding can be stained or re-painted as often as needed. The versatility of wood siding implies that it is fully customizable, better than any other siding material.

3. Easy to install

From a contractor’s point of view, you want a siding option that is easy to install to save time and money. Wood siding delivers exactly this feature. Of all the siding option, wood is the easiest to install.

4. Easy to repair

As we all know, however durable a siding may be, there comes a time when the owner needs to replace or repair their siding. The advantage with this siding material is that it is easy to repair or replace if it is damaged.

5. Increases property resale value

If you want to drastically increase the resale value of your property, then you are advised to install wood siding. Real estate investors have noted that wood-sided property fetches better prices because it is aesthetically pleasing. Most property buyers understand this type of siding is quite pricey compared to vinyl or aluminum; therefore, they are willing to pay higher prices for homes with wood siding.

Wood siding cons

1. Quite expensive

If you are looking for an affording siding for homes, then perhaps you need to consider options apart from the wood siding. Despite the fact that it is highly attractive, it is one of the priciest siding materials available.

2. Higher maintenance needs

Maintaining siding made of wood can be costly and time consuming. Some wood siding styles need repainting or staining three to four times a year to prevent damage from moisture and other environmental concerns. As we all know, wood attracts many pests like termites and woodpeckers. This means that pest control and routines should be scheduled often to prevent infestation.

3. Risk of water damage and fire

Wood siding is highly susceptible to water damage. This explains why you need a lot of water sealant to prevent it from becoming damaged due to rain (or other forms of precipitation), which is an expensive process. Besides that, many wood shakes and shingles have extremely poor ratings for the resistance. This further increases the cost of your insurance!

Now you know the pros and cons of wood siding and can make an informed choice about your siding material. We believe that the pros far outweigh the cons and that wood siding is worth the investment.


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